Shared Excel Tools is a site aiming to provide quick solutions to tasks commonly performed in MS Excel. In particular, it is focused on advanced Excel users who are comfortable with Excel VBA.

WARNING: VBA macros can be very powerful and with that power, can do a lot of damage very quickly. Shared Excel Tools is built for Excel users who work with and understand the VBA programming language. Do not run the code from this site on your machine if you do not understand what the code is intended for and how it works.
Ensure your work is backed up before running automated scripts. They rarely have an ‘undo’ option.
While Excel’s native ribbon menu options provide access to the most common functionality that users require, tasks involving data editing and processing will always involve particular tasks that are not covered by Excel’s core functionality. Users can typically address that limitation with VBA. However, writing VBA can be a time consuming process. Trying to keep track of VBA routines can also be challenging. To address these issues, Shared Excel Tools is a collection of solutions the Author has written that are grouped in logical ways to make finding and using them, quick and efficient.
Solutions are categorized by broad sections and then finer categories. There are also Excel ‘tools’ which are workbooks or add-ins which have a compilation of useful functionality.

Currently, most solutions on this site are written by me, Dale Anderson. Some content are scripts from the public domain that I have found useful at some point. This site will also accept contributions from others if others would like to contribute. Also, if there is a particular general task that you think deserves a solution, let me know and I might be able to add a solution when time permits.

At present, there are still many solutions/tools from my library that I am yet to review and upload so that is the current state of the site.