Incremental progress – 06.05.2022

Mostly done but still some niggling things to tick off

Site is now online with the core functionality working pretty much as I want. Probably the biggest task at present is to upload the scripts and tools I intend to share. Many served a purpose at the time I built them and were not necessarily bullet proof. Hence I need to review each bit of code before uploading. Hence I will be doing that over a few months I expect.

Still, I can’t say version 1.0 is finished yet. It is online and functioning but there are still details to finish yet.

Tasks to complete for launch are:

  • Final styling checks
  • Remove obsolete category from main searches or put to the end
  • Adding solutions from my library
  • Add a ‘contributors’ page – just me for now

At that point I will call v1.0 finished and will come back to it when I am ready to work on v2.0.

Incremental progress – 28.04.2022

Getting closer

Getting closer to an official launch. This site has been on the back-burner for many years. Accepting a less ambitious site that can be developed over time has been a good choice. Reminding myself of the core need of the site let me shed a lot of ‘nice to have’ features which had been dragging on the project.

The number one purpose for this site is a location to store Excel VBA tools to allow quick and efficient access. A big part of that is having appropriate filters such as sections, categories, tags and related grouping which allows the user to quickly find what they need. With the relatively small number of ‘solutions’ I will add, the current selection criteria should suffice. It will be relatively straight forward to add other filtering methods if it is ever required.

Tasks to complete for launch are:

  • Add syntax highlighting to the code box
  • Styling
  • Adding solutions from my archive
  • Add an ‘about’ page
  • Add a ‘contributors’ page

Current task list – 09.08.2019

Current items to finish as of 09.08.2019…

Next items to address:

  • Add filter bar to allow selection of filters
  • Add Single solution page to show full solution details
    • Format page to suit
    • Use id to do query on custom table to return all relevant results
  • Hide non-relevant links such as ‘contributors’ and login until those pages are ready


Low priority:

  • Single blog page
    • Style previous/next pagination
    • Modify layout to show content under post beside sidebar (float or something more imaginative
    • Fix search bar styling
    • Swap ‘search’ in sidebar with ‘recent’ and change css so only top widget does not show separation bar
    • Recent posts should only show posts from ‘blog’ category

Current tasks

A testing post to remind me of items to finish on this site….

Main priority:

  • Query will need to bring in all elements of the selection (ie full description etc)
  • Uploading tools and scripts


Low priority…

  • A ‘hide’ option for the sub-menu box so only the main menu items are visible
  • Adding a search box…need to consider placement
  • Correct responsiveness
  • Arrows highlighting current selection needs to be grey on hover and only white when selected