Dale Anderson

About me:

Working in various quantitative roles, mostly within the market research industry, had me working with Excel daily. Being an evolving industry, many tasks and challenges required custom solutions. Over time I have accumulated a library of useful tools, most of which I am happy to share.

Outside of work, as time permits, I enjoy building data processing tools, either online, or with VBA. I do get a kick out of seeing a time-consuming, monotonous tasks, being completed near instantaneously with the click of a button.

As my library of scripts and tools grew, one frustration I had was being able to document and manage the various routines or tools I have created. This was especially true for tools that received regular updates.  Git helps, but there are still limitations when it comes to documenting files. Hence the desire to have one location where I can store and locate Excel solutions quickly and easily. Hence, ‘Shared Excel Tools’ has emerged.

Message me if you would like to include a routine or solution that you would like to share.