Apply format to selection

Brief description:

Applies common formatting settings to selected range

Full description:

Applies the common cell formatting settings to the selected range. These are the same settings found in the ‘alignment’ group in the ‘home’ tab.

To use: Delete or comment out any settings you don’t want to use. Modify format settings to suit. Select the range that the formatting is to be applied to.

Option Explicit

'For selected cells, set indentation to 0
Sub ApplyFormatting()
    Dim SelRng As Range
    Set SelRng = Selection
    With SelRng
'        .HorizontalAlignment = xlLeft
'        .HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter
'        .HorizontalAlignment = xlRight

'        .VerticalAlignment = xlTop
'        .VerticalAlignment = xlCenter
'        .VerticalAlignment = xlBottom

'        .WrapText = False

'        .Orientation = 0

'        .AddIndent = False
'        .IndentLevel = 0
    End With
End Sub