Incremental progress – 28.04.2022

Getting closer

Getting closer to an official launch. This site has been on the back-burner for many years. Accepting a less ambitious site that can be developed over time has been a good choice. Reminding myself of the core need of the site let me shed a lot of ‘nice to have’ features which had been dragging on the project.

The number one purpose for this site is a location to store Excel VBA tools to allow quick and efficient access. A big part of that is having appropriate filters such as sections, categories, tags and related grouping which allows the user to quickly find what they need. With the relatively small number of ‘solutions’ I will add, the current selection criteria should suffice. It will be relatively straight forward to add other filtering methods if it is ever required.

Tasks to complete for launch are:

  • Add syntax highlighting to the code box
  • Styling
  • Adding solutions from my archive
  • Add an ‘about’ page
  • Add a ‘contributors’ page