Current task list – 09.08.2019

Current items to finish as of 09.08.2019…

Next items to address:

  • Add filter bar to allow selection of filters
  • Add Single solution page to show full solution details
    • Format page to suit
    • Use id to do query on custom table to return all relevant results
  • Hide non-relevant links such as ‘contributors’ and login until those pages are ready


Low priority:

  • Single blog page
    • Style previous/next pagination
    • Modify layout to show content under post beside sidebar (float or something more imaginative
    • Fix search bar styling
    • Swap ‘search’ in sidebar with ‘recent’ and change css so only top widget does not show separation bar
    • Recent posts should only show posts from ‘blog’ category

Current tasks

A testing post to remind me of items to finish on this site….

Main priority:

  • Query will need to bring in all elements of the selection (ie full description etc)
  • Uploading tools and scripts


Low priority…

  • A ‘hide’ option for the sub-menu box so only the main menu items are visible
  • Adding a search box…need to consider placement
  • Correct responsiveness
  • Arrows highlighting current selection needs to be grey on hover and only white when selected